Our Story

Seul Luxe is a small boutique company that was birthed from the crucial need to disrupt the traditional skin care industry. The owner, Ella a New York City educator, knew that after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the young age of 32 that something needed to be done. Ella didn't drink or smoke and was baffled by the possible cause(s) of her detrimental illness. This is when she took matters into her own hands and began researching foods, herbs and supplements that could assist the body to self-repair and heal. She began eating organic raw fruits and vegetables, started juicing, refrained from eating process foods and avoided the use of the microwave to help her defeat the illness that was responsible for the death of so many loved ones all over the world. 

Ella didn't stop there.  She began to expand her knowledge about the skin care industry and how many of these products were responsible for skin disorders and failing health. The information unveiled that many of our basic skin care products from deodorant, tooth paste and moisturizers to name a few were major contributors to the rapid decline of our health - Feeling overwhelmed with a plethora of emotions, led Ella on a journey to formulate a sundry of natural skin care that was  naturally luxurious and safe. Thus Seul Luxe, was born. 

Seul Luxe, which means only luxury is committed to providing high quality, safe and luxurious skin care products with a purpose. Seul Luxe has developed an array of naturally luxurious skin care products, affording individuals the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle that they desire, while never compromising their health or the ability to look and feel fantastic!  Seul Luxe doesn't want to stop there, the founder Ella is committed to giving back to where it all started for her. She believes that Education is one of the main pathways of escaping poverty and creating the life you deserve. This is why Ella is committed to having Seul Luxe grow into a philanthropic company that will have the ability to sponsor students with scholarships for college. 

 Thank you for taking this journey with us. We are committed to excellent skin care and humanity. Remember things are beautiful if you love them.


Peace & Blessings ,

 Seul Luxe Family